Pink WOD Wendesday 10/23/2013

Faith meets Hope

Faith Coleman was diagnosed in 2003 and in remission in 2004. The Faith WOD represents a burden she needed to overcome just to get insurance to begin her treatment and the burden of stress she carried throughout 2003. She had to mortgage her home for 35k before she could begin her road to recovery. She has 6 children whom all represent HOPE in the second WOD.  HOPE also represents the need for communities to come together and the struggle for THE FREE CLINIC to remain open and provide such a needed service for the uninsured/underinsured

WOD “Faith” is a manual WOD and must be worked in Teams of Two no rest then same Team completes WOD “Hope” with remaining time.  Together this is a 20:03 timed 2 part WOD.

The 20:03 represents the beginning of Faith Coleman journey.

WOD “Faith” 

In Teams of Two

*    Sled drag 100 meters 80# Rx (scale but must be tough)
*    partner 2 will carry bumper (10#/25#) plate overhead (as if holding barbell, must be good form and locked out position)
*    If either partner stops, them the team must stop together, you can switch places any time but must do mountain climbers together as prescribed)
*    35 Mountain climbers at 50 meters and 100 meters (count mc as R =1, L =2, R=3, L=4etc…)
80 represents the number of patients they see each weekend
35 represents the loan she took out on her home of 35,000

Immediately following the sled drag with remaining time…

Together teams must complete:
*6 DL 2nd person holds plank (see below for specifics)
*12 HSPU – one person working at a time
Details of the WOD
*Dead lifts  185/235 Rx, 135/185 intermediate, 115/135 new
Partner 2 must hold the plank position (prone position on forearms) the entire time partner #1 does his/her dead lifts.  If either partner breaks DL’s or the plank position both must immediately stop then resume together or you switch places until DL’s are complete.
*12 HSPU (or pike position for pushups from the box), completed one athlete at a time.

Record total number of Reps completed within the 20:03 time cap.