Veterans Day 11/11/13


Frank Zedar, served in the US Army, from 1966 to 1986. He was an Infantry Sergeant and was chosen for Officer Candidate School. He served as a Platoon Leader in Vietnam with the 196th Infantry Brigade in 1968-69. He served in many posts throughout the US and Germany and retired as a Major, from the Pentagon and the Defense Intelligence Agency in 1986.

Warm up- Coaches choice

WOD- “Things They Carried” 

Phase 1  Military “PT” Test: (Teammate counts reps)
Squat Thrust- 1 Minute Max reps
Pullup (No butterfly allowed)- 1 Minute Max reps
Pushup – 1 Minute Max reps
Situps – (Buddy holds feet down – no abmat) – 1 Minute Max reps
Phase 2 for time
Barbell Back Carry: 400m (each teammate carries 400m) (Rx 95/85)
if the bar is dropped, the teammate may assist getting it back in position)
Bear Crawl: Each teammate crawls 50m (need gloves!)
Litter Carry: 400m (Rx 2X95/85)

BPC Day 11