Monday 3/31/14

Warm Up
250 row and 250m run
2x(BearCrawl rig, then Lunge rig open hips)
3x (5 ring rows, 5 push ups, 3-5 strict pull ups)

Skill Clean progression led by coach
Empty bar 2×5 of…
1-Power Position stance
2-Power position jump
3-Power position clean…
a. Above knee
b. Below knee
Add weight then same series and add
c. from floor
d. Power clean and front squat
Set weight for WOD….

WOD 3rft
200m run
7 Cleans 135/95 (yes squat athletes)
7 C2B
Strength Dead Lift

De Load 5×5 40%, 50%, 60%.