Saturday Line em up!

July 19th

Warm Up
400m jog
Coaches led mobility

2 equal teams of mixed men and women. Each team member does every movement, IN TURN. During all 5 events, while one athlete is performing a movement, all other team members must do 10X HRPUs, AS, or jumping lunges,
• Event 1: 100m KB carry. Men 2X#70, Women 2X#53
• Event 2: 100m Overhead Bumper Carry. #45/#25
• Event 3: 100m Sled drag. Sled + #90/ Sled + #70
• Event 4: 100m Backward sled drag. “” “”
• Event 5: 100m movement of equal stacks of #45 bumpers. Once stacked at the 50m mark, move them back to the start line.
• Upon completion, all team members runs inside and do 20X Pullups. When last team member is done, that’s your team time!