oh Mondays! lets double up

Monday 7/21
Warm Up
2SU/2min DU
2 rounds 10 PVC- OHS, PT, GM
5 box steps ups, 5 lite KBS- American

WOD #1 Deliberate work 12min EMOM
Min1 T2B 6-10
Min2 DU’s 30-40
Min3 L-sits :20-30

3min rest then…for reps 15min running clock

WOD #1 Metcom go hard!
5 rounds ME(maximal effort) :30work :30 rest
(rotate after each skill, 5 rounds of triplet)
Box Jump Overs 24/20
KB A 2.0/1.5

score is total reps from all 5 rounds of ME

Strength Back Squat
3×5 75,80,85%***

All lifts use 90% of 1RM