Benchmark Friday 7/25

Benchmark Friday
Elizabeth (1/17/14 last run)

Warm up
200m run, 50m run backward, 50m shuffles, 50m skips, 50m Toy Soldiers,
25m squat, 25m broad jump
5min band stretches -OH Lat pulls, cross chest
Skill BEAR Complex 6min EMOM
2 complete cycles…start light focus technique… then add weight
One cycle is all of the following:
Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press (have bar land behind head, in rear rack position)
Back squat
Push Press (have bar land on chest, elbows up, front rack position)
1-2min light
3-4min add weight
5-6min try for WOD weight

WOD ft Elizabeth
Clean 135/95
Ring Dips