BOOOO 10/31

cfhaooloweenAint no tricking in this box!
WU: 750m row
Non row athletes complete 25 slow JJ and MC, 10 r/l step lung twist, 10 r/l leg swings, 10 AS
5min Shoulder prep on rig

Strength Strict Press
Empty bar skill prep, 5 each–shrug, hi pull, mid thigh clean
4×3 60%, 80%, 85%, 90%
Complete :30sec handstand hold b/w sets

5min load bar for WOD
3×3 S Cleans or DL reps   to get there…

WOD 25 rft with 30min cap
1 HSPU strict
2 S Cleans 135/95 OR DL 195/155
3 Burpees