Veteran’s Day “Buddy Battle” WOD



BC Crossfit Coach-Frank Zedar, served in the US Army, from 1966 to 1986. He was an Infantry Sergeant and was chosen for Officer Candidate School. He served as a Platoon Leader in Vietnam with the 196th Infantry Brigade in 1968-69. He served in many posts throughout the US and Germany and retired as a Major, from the Pentagon and the Defense Intelligence Agency in 1986.

“Battle Buddy.” In today’s combat forces, when teams deploy into harm’s way, everyone has a “Battle Buddy” in the team. This WOD’s Battle Buddy will be the fact that nothing will be done without the burden/responsibility of a weight to look after… The weight will be your buddy:-)

WU: 400m jog
5min coaches led mobility Shoulder/leg prep
5min for Teams to get equipment
5min for team members to strategize and practice movements.

WOD “Battle Buddy” ft in Teams of 2
• In Teams of 2 – 2 Rounds for Time:
• Each team will need:
o 1 Bumper Plate Elite 45/RX 25
o 1 Kettlebell Elite 2.0/RX1.5
o 1 Dumbell Elite 35/25
o 1 Box 24/20
• Movements for “Battle Buddy” WOD – 2 Rounds for Time: (Only 1 athlete can work at a time, for ALL movements, except the run)
o 200m Run w/KB (Teammates must run together and “buddy carry” the KB)
o 20 x HR Pushups w/Bumper on your back
o 20 x Abmat situps – “hugging your KB”
o 20 x KB American Swing
o 20 x Pullups w/DB between your feet/legs
o 20 x KB Goblet Squats
o 20 x DB Power Snatches (each athlete switches arms on alternating reps)
o 20 x Box Step ups w/DB in hand.