Friday 11/21

Friday 11/21
WU:2min SU’s
Flex/ext wrist ankles then
2min DU’s …
8 min banded hip shoulder mobility then do 2 rounds of 5HRPU, 10 SU
15 AS… Start slow finish fast

Skill Jerk
Review foot work for split jerk
Empty bar…FR position then load
5×3. SP+PP+Split Jerk

WOD do this….
3 min complete
50 Wall Ball 30/20 and 20 DU
Rest 2min
3 min complete
50 Box Jumps 24/20 and 30 DU
Rest 2 min
3 min complete
50 AS and 40 DU
If you do not complete the required skill record where you stopped
All athletes must rest at the 2min cycles as written.
Record each round as done or reps done….

Post WOD nft
1k row for technique focus
Or work a skills Goat.