Everyday Warrior Wod #4

Monday 11/24
WU: 400m run and row
PVC work, HBR from hang rig, V-ups, BE
Shoulder Prep 6min

Pre WOD– 10min Clean and Jerk or Snatch drills…depends on WOD choice.
WOD is GTOH choice….
work 5×3 load as go…
b/t sets do 3-5 C2b or set up box for jumping chest to bar.

60 Calorie Row
50 Burpees Over the Bar
30 Ground to Overhead RX 95/65 Scaled/Masters 75/45
10 Chest to Bar
Row-Damper can be set on any setting. The athlete cannot get off the rower until you hit 60 calories.
Burpees over the Bar- The athlete must jump with two feet over the bar and land with feet first. The athlete does NOT need to open hips when jumping over the bar.
The athlete will land horizontal to the barbell.
Ground to Overhead: The barbell will move from the ground (or below the needs if the barbell is not loaded) to overhead with the hips, knees and shoulders extended directly over the body. You may use a clean and jerk or snatch.
Chest to Bar: Kipping, butterfly or dead hang chest to bar are all allowed. The athlete’s arms must be extended at the bottom and the chest must make contact with the bar at the top.
Jumping Chest to Bar: The pull up bar should be setup so it is at least 8 inches above the top of the athletes head. The athlete must lower himself or herself so the arms are fully extended at the bottom and the chest must clearly come in contact with the bar at the top.
Score is total reps.

Coach will run delayed waves as needed on multiple clocks……