Skills Choice Goal follow workset and be deliberate
Pull Ups 2x:60s dead hang, 2x:60s hold top of pull, 2×5 negatives
Dips 2x:60s bottom dip, 2x:60s hold top dip, 2×5 negatives
HSPU 3x:60s holds, 3xmax effort pike pos
HS Walks 3x:60s holds, 3×10 stationary hand prancing
MU3x5 strict ring pull ups, 3×5 wgt dips, transition practice

WOD choice #1 ft
2K row

WOD #2 AMRAP 7min

Post WOD Strength
2×5 DL 60%
3X8 DL 65% (go unbroken sets)

Reminder 3 classes on 12/24 12 Days of CrossFit
5am, 8:30am and 10am.
Closed 12/25 Merry Christmas