CF Total

*This week is testing week! Figure out your goals and come to class with a plan!
** Be prepared for that “plan” to change at coach’s discretion…mwahahaha!

CF Total- Find 1 RM
Back Squat
Strict Press

The CrossFit Total consists of 3 lifts: the back squat, press, and deadlift. You will get 3 attempts at each to lift the maximum weight possible, and your heaviest successful lift from each of the 3 will be added together for your total. So here is the tricky part. You can warm up however you like, but once you declare your first back squat attempt you are committed to progressing through all 3 lifts; you don’t get anymore warm up lifts. You will make your 3 back squat attempts then move straight into the press, then the deadlift.