Wednesday 3/9

WU: School House jog last 200m mobilize legs

Strength DL
4×6 (70-85%) climb the first 2 sets then stay heavy don’t need to TnG but stay on it work the down

WOD 3x 8min AMRAP’s (complete in any order) rest 2min between
A-10 BJ 30/24
10 Strict DB Press
(20 reps possible per round)

B-2- Sled Drags (in front sidewalk)
10 WB 30/20 at 10ft outside line
(12 possible per round)

C-2x 50m alt 1/1 arm FC use KB 2.0/1.5 (don’t not DROP) set down easy if need break
20 Goblet Squat with KB 2.0/1.0
(22 reps possible per round)

Score total reps of all 3 rounds

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