monday 3/28

Monday 3/28
WU: 3 rnds
200m row, empy BB or wgt PVC 5-GM, FS and PP 

 Strength- Choose Russian Cycle Day 4
1×6-70%, 1×6 80%, 4×6-85%
If you are not following lift do
1 Leg RDL with DB 2×10

Strict Press 3×3

WOD 12min EMOM
Min 1 5 OHS (use 70% 1rm Snatch)
Min 2 30 DU’s /scale :45s of DU attempts

Post WOD Skill 3 Position M Snatch use empty BB or PVC
3×3 of…cycle is Power-Hang-below
1-Pockets (Power)
2-hang above knees
3-hang below
TECHNIQUE practice! Be ok with no weight