WU: 10min AMRAP
20/40 DU/SU, 10 banded AS, 10 DB Strict Press

  Strength Russian Cycle Day 5
1×6-70%, 1×6 80%, 2×6-85%
If you are not following lift do
3×10 of weight GM-Key Technique!

WOD 2 rounds of 2-5min AMRAP’s with partner
10-Thrusters (95/65)
DU’s (partner accumulates AMAP, switch after 10 Thrusters)
Score total DU’s combined
Rest 1min
10 SOH
Burpee to 45lb plate(partner accumulates AMAP, switch after 10 SOH)
Score total Burpees combined
Final total is DU’s and Burpee total

Post WOD mobility/flexibility accumulate 2min bottom AS hold

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