Thrs 4/7

WU: 500m jog
As a group: 3 reps at each position
Jump shrug, high pull, high hang power clean, front squat

Skill: 4×3 Pause Cleans-start from the floor, pause at the knee for 2 sec, then EXPLODE! (keep light 60-75%)
*Focus here is on first pull; keep bar close to shins and back angle unchanged to the knee

WOD: NFT-complete all in any order
3x100m Farmer carry
3×8 Push press (aim for 80% of strict press)
3×6 Strict pull ups (weighted if possible)
3×10/10 Pistols

Day 7 Russian lift 1×6-70% 1×6-75% 2×6-80%

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