WU: 500m row/run
Chad Vaugh BB series- 5 reps each, 2 RNDS
GM, BS, Elbow rotations, Strict Press, Still leg DL, FS

Group C&J WU
3x High Hang Power Clean, 3x Low Hang Power Clean, 3x “floor” Power Clean, 3 FS; with empty BB rest 1 min then
3x Strict Press, 3x Push Press, 3x Power Jerk, 3x split jerk

Then take 5 minutes to Ramp up to 70% of max C&J

6 min EMOM
1 C&J- start at 70% and add weight every minute
Rest 3 mins
6 min EOMOM(every other minute)
1 C&J @90-95%-build if possible

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