May 4 Wednesday

WU: 500m jog
10 Back Squats with Empty Barbell
5 Inchworms + Pushup
8 Back Squats
5 Clapping Pushups
6 Back Squats
5 Plyo Pushups (Two plates outside of hands, jump hands onto plates on the way out of the bottom position – pause then back down to the floor on the way down) 4 Back Squats
5 Plyo Pushups repeat
* Add load each round on the Back Squat
* The last set of 4 Back Squats should be WOD wgt starting point

WOD ft (no racks for RXD/RX, fitness may if coach determines)
RXD+ add 10% to RX/FITNESS stay same weight
3 Back Squats @ 60%RX
10 Burpees/6 fitness 
3 Rounds
6 Back Squats @ 50%RX
10 Burpees/6 fitness
3 Rounds
9 Back Squats @ 40%RX
10 Burpees/6 fitness 3 rounds 

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