May 5

WU: 3 rounds
20 DU/10 BE hold top :3secs, 8 r/l DB single leg RDL

Skill review BOR and DL
With an Empty Barbell review both Bent Over Row and Deadlift.
(10min) Work up to a heavy 2 rep Bent Over Row
2 reps 5-7 sets
* Add load each round building to WOD wgt

Pre WOD run through…
15 DU/SU
6 Box Jump Overs
6 Bent Over Barbell Row
6 Deadlifts
2-3 rounds
Use the weight they are using in the workout

WOD 3 rounds 12min running clock, on the minute…
1st Min: RX+60DU/RX50/fitness75SU
2nd Min: 10 Box overs 24/20/Fitness step ups
3rd Min: 15 Bent Over Barbell Row RX+ 95/65 RX/65/45 Fitness DB
4th Min: 20 Deadlifts same BB as BOR