WU: 800m jog or 1K row
Lunge and Hip Extension Prep
With the same plate perform:
10 on-the-spot alternating Lunges without plate
10 on-the-spot alternating Lunges with the plate held to chest
10 Good Mornings without the plate
10 Good Mornings holding plate to chest
10 alternating Lunge + Twist – at the bottom of the lunge, twist and tap the plate to the ground of the bent knee. Switch for 10 reps.
10 Single Leg Deadlift with Plate tapping ground. Alternate legs for 10 reps.

WOD 15min go as far as can..
25 Weighted Walking Lunges DB AHAP
25 GM BB
35 Weighted Walking Lunges
35 GM BB
45 Weighted Walking Lunges
45 GM BB

Post WOD empty BB quad smash