June is testing month…

June focus is testing…
CF BC Athletes we will be testing across the ten general physical skills — strength, power, flexibility, stamina, accuracy, agility, cardiovascular endurance, coordination, speed and balance — with benchmark style workouts.

We will also post a small whiteboard for suggested additional workout segments for competitors athletes or those who want an extra kick. You must be able to do most WOD’s RX and this is not coach led time. It is to be done before or after a class as space permits.

WU: 9min Stations 1min rotate
Do in this Order
* Use Light Kettlebells (16/12/8kg)
Air Squat
KB Deadlift
KB Russian Swing
2 Rounds
* Increase the intensity on round 2.

WOD ft
30 KB Swings (24/16kg)
40 Air Squat
2 Rounds
40 Shoulder to Overhead (45/35lbs)
30 KB Squats
2 Rounds
30 KB Swings
40 Air Squats
40 Shoulder to Overhead
KB Squats
2 Rounds