BEAR complex grrrrr

WU:400m jog hit 200m mobility legs
10min Lax roll out: Shoulders, hip flexors, glutes

Skill review
PVC or empty BB
3 reps of HPC+FS+PP+BS+PJ

Skill Review
The ‘Bear Complex’ consists of five movements done in one unbroken set: Hang Power Clean + Front Squat + Push Press + Back Squat +
Push Jerk (from behind the neck). This is considered 1 rep of the Complex.

Strength: Bear Complex
start light climb each set
for each set complete entire cycle before setting BB down

5 Bear Complex (135/95lbs)
Deadlift, HPC, FS, PP, BS, PJ
800m Run
5 Bear Complex
400m Run
5 Bear Complex
200m Run

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