Mega Tabata Friday

WU: 500m run
then 3 RNDS
10 WB, 30 sec HS hold, 10 sumo squats

Skill: 8 mins
Kipping-any way you choose (standard kip, butterfly, hspu)

WOD MEGA Tabata score total reps of all 6 skills
:20work :10 rest 8rnds per skill

  • Cal on AB
  • Strict Push ups
  • Abmat SU
  • KB A 2.0/1.5
  • Wall Balls 20/14
  • T2B

1min between skills to rotate if class has more then 10 athletes coach needs to stagger start 2 athletes 4 min delay and finish last on AB….

Post WOD strength 4×10 single leg DB RDL
focus on balance, tight core, flat back