WU: 400m jog
9min EMOM
min1-OH back Step Lunge with PVC
min2- :30s top hold of pull up
min3- 10 focused slo mo AS

Pre WOD prep 3 rounds
Rnd 1-use 1 lite DB do 10 reps of
GM, s-leg RDL 5/r/l and Step-ups
Rnd 2- 2 DB for GM and step ups
rnd 3- go heavier
*bwt rounds do :20 HBR hold :10 rest then :20 BE hold

WOD: running clock of 17min
8 DB 24/20″ Step-ups (55/35lbs) 4r/l
8 DB Deadlifts (DB at sides)
8 Toes to Bar
AMRAP 5min
Rest 1min
3 Rounds

Post WOD
Pigeon stretch each side hips 2min holds

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