mmmmonday 7/18

1×10 shuttle runs :30 rest
start slo jog increase as get warm

Mobility box length
High Knees, Tippy Toes down and Heels back
Toy Soldiers down and Butt Kicks back

Shoulder Prep
Band Complex: internal Rotation/External Rotation + Stretches Lats/Pecs
Hold Back Bridge for 1min
2 x Max Hold with Heavy Set of DB’s with 30sec rest between sets
try and go heavier then last week. Keep shoulder back and down

Pre WOD Cycle
complete 3 rounds of
10 DU’s-5 Pull ups-2-shuttle jogs

WOD ft
25 Double Unders
15 Pullups
7 Rounds
* Every 2min you perform 8 x shuttle (down and back is 2)

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