WU: Burpee to Another one Bites the Dust

10min Shoulder Prep
Bands, retrac, kip

Skill Practice
Weighted Pullup – 10min
2 x 10sec Hang from the Bar –
2 x 10sec slow negative lower (from the top of the Pullup, do a 10sec count down to the bottom of the Pullup)
2 x 5 Strict Pullups – scale to a set of hard Ring Rows

Bar Muscle-up – 5+min
2 x 5 Muscle-up Kipping Swings – work on aggressively pulling down on the bar to get height
2 x 3 Muscle-ups – bands as needed

Pistols – 5+min Pistol Progressions
1 x 8 Rolling Pistols – scale to Roll to Stand
1 x 8 Box Pistols (standing on Box) – scale to Supported Pistol here 1 x 8 Pistols

WOD: AMRAP 10min
1 Weighted Pullup
3 Bar Muscle-ups
6 Pistols