WU: 10min AMRAP
150row then skill then row
10 Situp to Pike
10 Situp to Pancake
10 Toe Point to Inverted Pike

Gymnastics 9min EMOM
1min- 10 Rolling Pistols (5 each side) – Scale to Roll to two foot stand, scale to a 1min hollow rock/knee tuck hold.
1min L-Sit Hold – Scale to tuck box
1min V-Outs

Skill Cluster-A Squat Clean into a Thruster
empty BB 3x’s -Front Squat + Push Press + Thruster
Power Clean + Squat Clean + Cluster

Pre WOD load for Cluster…

WOD: ft (12min cap)
30 Burpee Knees to Elbow (4-6″ jump to bar)
22 Cluster (155/115lbs)
26 Burpee Knees to Elbow
12 Cluster

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