WU: 400m jog
PVC work, banded AS

Strength Sumo DL 3×10 moderate wgt

Gymnastics 10min
3 WW, 5 Strict Pullps/c2b, 10 BB hip thrusters

Skill review
Russian Swing-Deadlift + Half Swing + Russian Swing
DB Snatch-Dip Shrug from the High Hang + High Pull + Punch Overhead + Full DB Snatch from the Ground (Power)

Prep for Workout
30sec Russian KB Swing
30sec Rest
30sec Single Arm Overhead Hold – 15sec One side, 15sec the other side
30sec Rest
30sec Single arm Snatch – Alternating
1min Rest
2 Rounds

WOD 4rnds
1min: KB Russian Swing 1.5/1.0
1min: Dble OH DB Hold (45/25lbs)
1min: Single Arm DB Snatch
1min: Rest

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