Getting Started

Brand new to Crossfit?  You may try a class on Saturday’s for a drop-in fee of $20.00 that can be applied to your first month membership cost if you opt to join.  You must email us, so we can make sure a coach knows to look for you.  Please arrive 15 minutes early to sign a waiver.  3-2-1…Go!

All new members must take a Foundation Course before joining CF BC. 

Foundation Class dates and times are designated for Saturdays unless determined otherwise by a coach.   A $75.00 Fee is due at the time of class.  Options for personal foundations course is available by request, coaches availability and a higher fee. Email us for more information.

Next Foundations class is TBD in November 10am-1:00pm

Email us to reserve a spot.

Potential new members that are experienced CrossFitters, if you have taken a Foundation course please provide the name of the CF affiliate, coach and date the course was taken.  Contact the owners regarding your interest in joining.  Welcome to the Palm Coast area.

What is CrossFit?    Click the link to watch a video.       img_5244

Why CrossFit?   Created by expert Coach Greg Glassman, CrossFit is designed to enhance and develop an individual’s physical skills and abilities. An athlete performing CrossFit on a consistent basis will experience results such as increased stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, accuracy, agility and balance. This is not a specialty program. While CrossFit serves as the main conditioning program for many top athletes including UFC fighters, military personnel and celebrities, it is also the perfect workout for the average individual looking to increase their health in the shortest amount of time.

Each Workout of the Day (WOD) is taught by a certified CrossFit coach, who explains proper form, demonstrates essential techniques and supports members every step of the way. This format creates a sense of personal training partnered with the competitive and team-oriented atmosphere from the support and encouragement of fellow classmates.

Scalable to a variety of fitness and ability levels, CrossFit is a valuable training and conditioning program that incorporates high intensity, varied and functional movements to ensure a full-body workout. CrossFit BearCat’s customized program ensures members are never bored and are constantly challenged to unleash their potential!

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