Friday September 27, 2013

Today is the last day to Pay as you WOD $5.00

New member applications must be processed by end of day Monday 9/30 for

October Classes.  Download an application form or grab one at the box.

Saturday 9/28 is Foundation class only.  8:30-12:30am

RSVP with email for attendance if you have not already done so.

Bring hydration, towels, a snack and clothes to WOD!deadlifts-big-muscles

Warm Up-20 minutes

1K row/ foam roll and lacrosse balls mobility

3< Walk outs R/L x5, 20’ box jumps-step downs x5, lite KB goblet squats>

Accessory Lift

Snatch grip RDL (Romanian Deadlift)

5 X 5 65% DL 1RM

WOD   21-15-9 for Time

BW DL and 24″ box jumps

Thursday 9/26, 2013

Rig shotFire Station jog

3 x CF Warm up


“Cindy” with twist  20min AMrepP

5 pull ups 10 push ups 15 squats 20 abmats su

score total reps (1 round equals 50)

Post WOD Strength OH Squats 5 X 8 60% work form

Tuesday September 24, 2013

Warm Up

Fire Station Run, then 2 x <10 Squats,  5 Walk Outs R/L open hips,

3 Inch worm, band flossing hips>back squat

Strength focus

Back Squat 5 X 5  75% and strict press 5 X 5 limited on what you can clean

WOD 6 min Couplet

1! Increasing to highest number in 6min (1×1, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4 etc…)


SDHP 95/65 RX, scale appropriately can use KB


Monday September 23 

6 rounds for timeHotshots19_th

30 Squats

19 Power Cleans 135/95

7 Strict Pull Ups

400 m run


Monday 10/7/13

Warm Up

Firehouse Jog

3xCF Warm up


Empty Bar/PVC Hang Squat cleans…shrug, jump shrug, rack


3 Rounds for time…

10 Hang Squat Cleans  135/95

250 m run

25 weigthed abmat SU 25lb plate

250 m run

10 American KB 1.5/1.0

Benchmark WOD Friday 1/3/14

Warm Up
500m Row
3x<10PT, GM, RH, OHS>
5min Shoulder Prep bands

Skill Progression OH Squat
take 8 min empty bar to WOD wgt OHS
5 reps add weight….

WOD “Nancy”  5rft
15 OHS 95/65
400m run